The year 2021 has made itself at home for good. And year by year, technology is getting more omnipresent. Of course, there are undeniable advantages to this fact. It facilitates the work in many aspects, speeds up the analysis of results and gives you greater control over many processes. Technology is also an essential aspect of marketing. When looking at digital marketing, many new ideas and best link shortener tools appear on the market every now and then, but how to choose the best ones?

If you share content on social media, you are probably aware of the importance of links. They must not only look good but also be analytically monitored. And above all, they must lead the user to the right page.

Getting your links shorter is the foundation of sharing them across the Internet. After all, no one will click on a link that contains various letters and numbers and takes two lines of your post.

So let’s get down to the business and focus on the best link shortener you should use this year – RocketLink.  

What makes RocketLink the best link shortener? Keep reading, we will about its features and describe how to use it. Grab a pen and make some notes!

What is RocketLink, and what is its offer?

As you probably know, RocketLink is best link shortener that can help you with monitoring your links and audience performance. It is a great tool, thanks to which you will be able to manage your links and audience more efficiently. What else can RocketLink give you? 

Retargeting pixels

This is one of the basic functions of best link shortener that allow you to expand the reach of your website. Here it works. Each user who sees your link and clicks on it will be automatically added to the target audience list. This way, they will be redirected to your website.

Thanks to retargeting, you create a customer base and use it in social media or Google Ads. What else will you gain? First of all, you will be able to refine the content more precisely. Retargeting gives you many tips regarding the preferences of your recipients. And most importantly, you will cut costs significantly.

QR codes

RocketLink, as the best link shortener, allows you to get to your customers via QR codes. It seems convenient and very popular these days. By sharing such code, you can also get the same information as in the case of links. About half of China population scan QR codes a few times each week. Maybe it is worth considering letting your audience scan the codes?

Call to action 

About 90% of people who read your headline also read your CTA copy. It shows how important it is to focus on CTAs and do not forget adding them. Thankfully RocketLink allows you to add a call to actions to each of the given link you want to share and promote.

UTM tags

Thanks to them, you can easily track the performance of your links. It is a great support to the analytics and allows you to have a comprehensive overview on your Google Analytics account. Read our article on how to use UTMs for improving your campaigns. You would see the whole power of them and how to improve your marketing strategy thanks to UTMs. 

Overall, analytics is RocketLink’s strength. Not only thanks to UTMs. This tool allows you to collect information such as a referrer, localisation or even the recipient’s operating system. Thanks to this, you can keep an eye on statistics and links performance and be more aware of who your audience is. 

Custom domain and thumbnail 

Creating your own subpages is a great advantage of RocketLink. This allows you to create a unique, branded URL, which builds brand awareness among recipients. Helps a little with SEO, too. 

In addition, you can also adjust the titles, graphic and description of links that you share on social media platforms. This type of content encourages people to be clicked on a link or, on the contrary, they can be lazy. Such aspects build communication and trust.


Customer retention is important to any website. And RocketLink will help you make a difference. You can set up external widgets such as pop-ups, push notifications and many more. It aims to encourage users to visit this site and stay there. 

Invite users to the newsletter or to create an account. You will see how customer retention results will increase. And it’s all thanks to one tool!

Custom 404 Redirects

Everyone gets it wrong sometimes, and so do your users. Especially, when it comes to typos. Therefore, you can choose where the users who incorrectly enter your domain address or click on the link will be redirected. 

GDPR Consent Option

To keep things lawful, RocketLink also allows you to add a GDPR consent to your links. What is the GDPR? It is a shortage of the General Data Protection Regulation. This is a way to ask for consent to use your users’ data. Valid in the European Union. Non-compliance with these norms can cost you heavy penalties.


RocketLink is available as Firefox and Google extensions. So it is not rocket science to use it.

Moreover, you can integrate it with SocialBee and Publer. This makes managing your link’s performance even easier. 


Support is very important in the case of this type of tools. If you have any questions, RocketLink has very efficient support, feel free to ask any questions. You can also look for answers in the Knowledge Base section, which is filled to the brim with tips. The blog with many articles and interesting data and statistics can be a good source of support and inspiration for further digital activities.

As you can see, the range of features is quite big. This is not only a tool to shorten the link, but you can do much more. The above functions will allow you to lower your CPC and increase your CTR. At the same time, you can increase brand awareness, too. Doesn’t that sound good?

How to use it?

So you already know what RocketLink is and what features and benefits it offers. But to use its full potential, you need to know how to use it. So here’s a quick tutorial.

  1. First, you need to sing up, create an account, set the password and be ready to dive in. This tool is really intuitive and easy to use.
  1. The next step is to add your own pixels. Nothing easier! You click on the Pixels tab and choose New Pixel. When you see a pop-up, you have to enter pixel info there. That’s basically it. This way, you can add as many pixels as you want. 
  1. Now let’s move to links. Similar rules here – click Links first and then New Links. At this point, you can start adding different pixels to the links. At this stage, you can also add UTM for even more precise tracking. Then you will be redirected to shortened links, and you can copy them or set your own domain. We recommend the latter option.

What’s important is that SSL certificates are generated automatically for your custom domains. It is a significant factor, especially for the end-users. Everyone wants to feel safe online, and SSL certificates make that possible. Everyone wants to feel safe online, and SSL certificates make that possible. The importance of an SSL certificate is of the utmost and if you want to secure your website, you need to buy an SSL certificate from a reputed SSL certificate authority. A reliable SSL provider can give you the best after-sales support and higher encryption-enabled SSL products.

  1. Once you publish your links, you should keep tracking their performance. So you can obviously do it via your RocketLink account. You can follow your links on a regular basis, you have access to all the most important statistics, and thanks to UTMs, Google Analytics comes in handy too. The only thing you can do now is to keep analysing and draw conclusions. 

And this is the whole process of using and creating links with RocketLink. Quick and efficiently, doesn’t it? Hopefully, you now comprehend how much RocketLink can help, and from now on, you will only shorten your links through this tool.  

Over to you

As you can see, RocketLink is a very user-friendly tool, thanks to which you can take care of your links. Use them, and you will surely notice the difference. Thanks to this tool, you can not only shorten or customise links but also you can follow their performance and get to know the audience better. 

Pricing is an undeniable advantage of RocketLink. You have three plans to choose from. Liftoff costs $19 per month, Space which is $29 per month and Galaxy – $69 per month. Each of them has ten days of free trial to use. You can also get a custom plan. There is also a possibility to get a demo! Are you ready to make the most of your links?

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